You’re fired!

Don’t we just looove Trump?! Haha!! So, funny thing happened today (and that’s not a serious question by the way); I GOT FIRED!!! Ha! Yep, so true! Okay, maybe that’s not so funny, but its really hilarious to me; but let me explain why! The reason is not because I hated my job, which I did, (well, it was more so some of the people and the atmosphere than the actual job that I hated), but it was because of the “secret prayers” I had been praying that makes it a joyous occasion! About a week or so ago, I did something ugly and ungodly at work. When the supervisor came in a room I was in, I turned my back on her; which was rude, I will admit, and then that same Friday, the Lord got with me and I repented to Him for my actions and I made it in my mind that I was going to apologize to her for my behavior and move forward. That Monday I did, however, in the midst of our conversation, I pretty much set the record that when she and I were to speak, it would be business related and nothing else…needless to say, I’m sure that already got me kicked out of the door (premeditated-ly)! Well, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong, because I didn’t want to lead her on or give her false hope or what-have you and plus, I just can’t be fake. Like why?! God says, if you do something and its not out of love, there’s pretty much no reason to do it (1 Cor 13:1-3) ! Now don’t get me wrong, I DO still need to grow and be groomed more in that area because I can’t just cut people off or shut them out just because I don’t personally care for them; THAT IS NOT LIKE CHRIST EITHER, but I can honestly say that God has started changing my heart. From that moment on, I had to change my view on waking up every morning and going into that establishment, and I did. I literally found my joy in the Lord and started doing more in my position, so I am excited and feel good, within myself, how I left and how it all went down!

I mentioned to a few people who knew what was going on at the job that I wasn’t going to quit, but that Jesus would have to allow them to fire me and since my attitude was changing, I really wasn’t worrying about them firing me or not. On Facebook, I try to post a “Song of the Day” every day and I was scrolling down my timeline and recognized the songs He has been giving me. Songs like, “I am Healed”, “My name is Victory” “Worth fighting For”, “Because He Lives”, “Victory is Mine”, and this morning (which I loved) the #SOTD was “The Lord is Blessing me, right now!” So yeah, needless to say, I think God has been preparing me for this termination and I praise Him for it!!

This job was a blessing and it served its role. I try to look for God in every situation, so when the “nitpicking” started happening, way prior to me turning my back on her, I started praying and asking why am I there and what am I to do and/or get out of being there. Well, one! The job came right when I needed it. I received a grant from school and right after I got married, my grant money was pretty much gone, so I started praying for employment to help take the load off of my husband, and walaa, I got the call for an interview I believe 3 days after we got married. I was in my last semester of Grad School (Graduation Saturday, May 7th!) and had to find an internship to go with work and the grant I received, and the Lord blessed me with that! Then! I wasn’t even supposed to get this job because the supervisor wanted to hire someone else, but how many of you know WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU…?! Well, anyways, so this job served its purpose to assist me and my husband with funds and insurance. We were able to get some health stuff taken care of because of so and save a little bit of money and pay some stuff off. Next, I met a beautiful young lady who I believe God has set in my path for a reason and had I not gotten that job, I never would have met her along with some awesome residents whom today I got to share a lot of stories and laughs with before I was “unfortunately terminated”!  Lastly, I found joy in the Lord in the midst of my hard times! Y’all waking up EVERY morning 5 days a week KNOWING I was to go there was TORTURE!!!! But after that Friday, my attitude started to change, and this past week and the days leading up today, I can see how God has been setting me up.

I’m writing this blog mostly for my own personal encouragement, especially in the future. When you begin to walk in purpose and faith, the enemy will try to take you off that road and deter you from continuing on. You see, I’m not pressed about finding a job, because I believe my life is a ministry and ministry is what will be paying me; however, I’m also not opposed to working, BUT only if that is where God wants me to be. I am to a point to where if it ain’t God, then I don’t want it. I was reminded and encouraged in the Lord of Moses and to be honest with you, I don’t know why he was brought to mind. Now as I think on his story, I can see why. Moses done something that was ungodly, he killed a man and then he fled to Midian (I turned my back on the supervisor and then fled to God). There in Midian, he was tending to the sheep when the Lord came to Him in a burning bush (I began doing more at work and God has been coming to me through songs in my heart). In that moment with the Lord, Moses was pretty much terminated from tending to sheep so he can go and deliver the Israelite from hands of the Egyptian (I was fired!). This is where I am encourage! My secret prayers (which are not so secret anymore) has been to go out like Jesus into the world and bring forth deliverance through Jesus to those in bondage and to dive and do more in ministry! I couldn’t do that with a 8-4:30! Well, I could have, but it just would have been a little more challenging; however my heart wasn’t there, and although I was gonna hang in there (until I got fired or another opportunity presented itself), it really didn’t make sense (remember what we said earlier about doing things without love?! THERE’S NO POINT!). I mean, I not excited about getting fired, but I am excited about God answering my prayers and taking me out of a place that really wasn’t purposeful and bringing me to a place of walking in purpose!

So to end this, for myself, and whoever else may be facing a termination of some sort, remember the words God told Moses. He said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain” (Exodus 3:12); focusing on “WHEN YOU HAVE”…. When God calls you out and sends you forth, not only is He with you, but there’s a guarantee that it will be done and you will see that it has been Him (“this will be the sign that it is I“), and you will “worship God“! Hallelujah!

Stay encourage…an ending is only a beginning. If you need more reading on that, click >here<, which is even more encouraging to me as it talks about walking away from my job 3 years ago!! God is amazing y’all! **I ain’t supposed to be punching no clock!** <<<Speaking it!<<< Time to get this Kingdom work done! I ain’t got no more excuses now. Tuh! Lol…

Bless and Be Blessed
-DanikaKayelle XOXO


  1. Brittany says

    Hey girl!!! Thanks for sharing the word God has placed in your heart , while also being totally transparent! Believe it or not this was for me on this very morning. I woke up this morning and while in prayer God told me to read your latest blog!!! #ontimeGod

    You’re doing it✔

  2. Dana S. says

    Danika! Thanks again for this (even tho it’s been written a long time ago lol) I truly believe that the lord has perfect timing becaussseeee *smacks lips and throws back hair* I have been dealing with issues at work that is definitely testing my lil Christian character. It’s a thin line between staying Christ like and crossing over at times. But I’m trying to keep my mind and spirit fixated on Him! Soooo this has really blessed me! Love u xoxo

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