Yo no se.

Hmmm…been a while, so where do I begin!? This past week alone has been a testful one. I believe I passed, but not with flying colors. You see, I still have faults. I am far from perfect; but I know, that each day I wake up is another day to strive for it. Look, I’ll keep it real with you. Its hard, things are not going the way I expected it, I’m alone and isolated, and I’m still missing my grandpa like crazy!!! The upside in all of that is, even though I am physically feeling these hits, I am spiritually satisfied. I am happy, and joyous, and learning to understand the woes of life. This is why I truly believe I have not fallen yet or broken. God is keeping me. He’s is building me and making me stronger because of something is bigger than me! I don’t exactly know what that “something” is, but it is going to be a big deal!! Mark my word for it. The little stuff that I look back and reflect on, seeing where He is literally taking and molding me, keeps me grounded. It keeps me motivated and wanting to move forward. My life is a testimony to someone, my words will touch somebody, my actions are a visual for people who are looking and asking God if it can be done!! I no longer do things for me, but He. Trust me!! I got two tickets in two days. Stupid, pointless tickets, I wanted to let that State Trooper have it sooooooo bad, but all I could do was smile, nod my head, laugh, thank him for doing his job, and tell him to have a great day. I was so heated as I drove off I almost started to cry because I couldn’t “let him have it” and it was boiling in the inside, but then I had to sit back and analyze the situation. It could have been worse. I have illegal tint on my car, he even mentioned it. I KNOW if I woulda went in on him, he most definitely would have got me for that and that” improper seat belt” ticket (no ticket as he put it, blah!) would have been possibly quadruple the price. Then the next day, I walk out of class, I have a stupid parking ticket, what the world!? Now that day, I ain’t gon lie,  in my head, somebody got cussed out! Didn’t change anything though. So all in all, my little rant didn’t change anything. Oh, but when He says your latter will be greater (Haggai 2:9)!!!

The devil gets a text message when God is about to bless you (Pastor said that one day). Satan does not want to see you succeed. He wants you to fail tremendously! God is doing great things this year for His children. This is the year of great things. The devil is coming in full affect, throwing every thing at you, and you will have to decide to stand and fight through! Remember you are not alone. There are Christians all over the world fighting their own battles and temptations right along with you (1 Peter 5:8-9). Look, God doesn’t want His people to suffer and it would be really great if you could live for Christ and not undergo anything, but WE were the ones who messed up in the first place, because we didn’t believe that God was enough and we didn’t take Him at His word. How many of us still do this???? Guilty at times, but hey, that’s human nature. Not to mention, Jesus SUFFERED for us, so who are we to say, “God don’t let me go through anything.” I ain’t never put my life of the line for anyone, died, and rose again. I’m just saying. We as a people, we as a church, we as members of God’s body HAVE to get better at trusting and believing that God is enough! We have to get the point to where if God blesses us no more, we would still say, “Thank you anyways.” God blesses us more than we deserve and if any person says otherwise, they are in true denial. God loved us when we loved Satan. He had His hand on us when we didn’t have Him on our last mind. Yes, God washes all that away, but you could and should never forget where you came from, in my opinion.

Each of us have a story to tell. Each of us has a past. That does not disqualify for God’s forgiveness, grace, mercy, peace, joy, longsuffering, and love; it qualifies you for it!!!! That is a requirement. He loves the broken, He can heal and mend all of your broken pieces. When all you see is darkness, He is the only way out. He is the light! You don’t even have to wait until you hit the floor, you can call on Him while you’re falling and allow Him to catch you and/or lessen your pain. Look, I’m not saying it is easy, I’m not saying things will turn around and get better immediately, but what I am telling you is it will be all worth it!!!! From Depressedville to Joyland. The transformation is amazing despite the rough and sometimes bumpy transportation.

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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