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You know, each encounter I have with God, I begin to side-eye a lot of people who say they know God. Now, I’m not here to judge, that’s not my job, but each encounter with God, I feel better than I have before. I feel renewed and rejuvenated! Thoughts that shouldn’t have been there, diminished, things that I don’t do anymore, I wanna make sure I keep it that way.

I’m not gonna say I know the Bible front and back because I don’t, however, I DO know that every—-EVER-REE—-encounter someone had with God/Jesus SOMETHING WAS CHANGED and they were made the better.

Peep:: If you “know” God like you say you do, then you know what He likes and what He dislikes. You know what He says to do and what He says NOT to do. You know what’s on limits and what is off limits. You know Him right, therefore; you are saying you know this. Now. If you truly know God and had an encounter with Him, then why is it that you do the same things that YOU want to do???? Couldn’t have been that much of an encounter, nor a relationship if you ask me. Speaking of relationships:

Relationships are give and take. So what makes you think a relationship with God would be any different????

Anywho!!! Let’s take a look through the Bible and evaluate your/our relationship with God. Now, I am SUPER convinced that if we are not to be changed or made the better after we meet and know God then it would not be mentioned throughout the Bible. This is my blog and that is my¬†7 copper pennies.¬†From Jesus’ birth until Jesus’ death, there were numerous of encounters and quite a few relationships. We all know about the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34), she touched the HEM of His garment and was instantly healed. After admitting it was she who touched His garment when He asked, He told her to, “Go in peace and be whole of thy plague” (V34). See!!! There was a change and she was made the better!! Next, you have the man¬†on the stretcher being carried by some men who lowered him down¬†from the ceiling to have an¬†encounter with Jesus and can you guess how that encountered ended??? With the man WALKING out! Ha! Hello!!!!! Let’s not even talk about a human encounter, Jesus first miracle, turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). Objects even change when they have an encounter with Jesus! I can go on because there are plenty more, but¬†I’m going¬†to move forward.

I¬†know that everyone has their own personal relationship with God and I respect that; however, I personally¬†can’t see how someone can say that they know¬†God and have a relationship with them,¬†yet,¬†NOTHING in their lives has changed! Not their personality, not their¬†circumstances, not their walk, their talk, their dress, their mouth, their actions, NO-THING!!!! Clearly, there is no encounter there. We¬†just saw three instances above where it shows differently and¬†I am also going off¬†of my own personal¬† experience.

Look, when you¬†truly get to know God, your eyes will be OPENED! Like wide opened like an owl and those 2 emojis, you know the yellow face with the bucked eyes on the first page and the 2 googley eyes on the 5th page;¬†I digress. But you will begin to change your life because you are going¬†to want to spend more time with God, so¬†you’re not gonna be able to watch that tv show, or¬†hang out with that friend to gossip all day. You’re gonna start weaning off of things slowly but surely, why?! Because your direction¬†has shifted! Your focus is new.¬†When you know God and have a relationship with¬†Him, your mouth gon change, your attitude gon change, your walk gon change,¬†your actions gon change, your habits¬†gon change, your thoughts gon change, your style¬†gon change, EVERYTHING¬†IS GOING TO CHANGE!¬†You’re gonna stop cussing, you’re gonna stop talking down to others, you’re gonna stop speaking negative, you’re gonna stop entertaining drama, you’re gonna stop have premarital sex, you’re gonna stop clubbing, you’re gonna stop drinking and getting drunk, you’re gonna stop¬† drugging, you’re gonna hoeing, you’re¬†gonna stop showing the world¬†what’s God (your body),¬†you’re¬†gonna stop watching and entertaining foolishness. When¬†you have an encounter with God, a relationship with God, you are going to be changed! Why?! Because¬†that is what God is, that is what God do. He changes things: people, circumstances, things.

So like I said, after each encounter I have¬†with God, I begin to side¬†eye some people who say they have a relationship with God; and yes, I do check myself to see what¬†else can and needs to be changed, because I want to be more like Him. I’m awesome, but He is WAAAAAAY more awesome than me! Imjussayn. So howsabout we all just take a moment and evaluate ourselves and our life and¬†sincerely ask¬†ourselves: “Do I really know God and do I really have a relationship with Him?” Let a moment happen where things begin to flash in front of your eyes and then honestly answer yourself. If the answer is no, change that! If the answer is yes, make it better. We could never stop growing and getting closer to¬†God and stopping should¬†never be an option.

I love God, I love you, but what is soooooooooo much better than that is that He loves¬†us all….EVEN MORE!!!!!!

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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