Are you currently carrying an overload of baggage? Has God told you to remove somethings or someone from your life? Remember Every relationship outside of your relationship with God is Seasonal!! -Dr. Marvin Sapp Pour out that spoiled milk and run to Jesus!!

God is the way and the truth and the life!! Our God is truly an awesome God. We take great pleasure in honoring Him with our lives and sharing the gospel. Our prayer is that we touch multitudes of people through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy, share, comment, rate, subscribe!

We would like to share some words of encouragement and also pray that we can touch lives through our Savior Jesus Christ!! We are humble servants striving to live out God's will and fulfill our God-given purpose. Feel free to rate, comment, subscribe, or share! Thanks for watching and be blessed.

Preparation while waiting: Singleness is not a disease. SINGLE: Single,. Innovate, Nurture, Glorify, Love, and Elevate your relationship with God to the next dimension. Be presentable not desperate. There is difference between submission and stupidity! Be content in your season. Don't settle, nor compromise your values. Know what you want and need in your potential spouse. Let go of your past completely. Importantly, pray without ceasing, seek God's face, and grow deeper in Christ!

This is our first video, no judging. We hope that our words and wisdom leads you to a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father. Our mission is to give God the glory, touch the hearts of those in need, and speak to those who He is calling. Thanks for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and share!! God loves you!!! Be blessed and most importantly be a blessing!!!! Brittany and Danika.