Fake or FAITH


Hello world! Are you ready for today’s “Random Rambling”?! Well, you must be if you are here reading. I don’t believe this is going to be a “ramble” per se, but we shall see. Have you ever thought that you be lying to yourself sometimes?? Today I had that thought. I mean, yeah, sure we […]

Sandbars in you..


God created the whole entire world in 6 days!!! He did not stress about it, He didn’t run after it, I don’t even think He broke a sweat! He knew what He wanted and He just simply said, “Let there be…” They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I wont argue that, […]

…at the end of the day, when its all said and done, it is not about you. Has never been and never will be. Sad, honest, and awesome truth!

We, as humans, get so wrapped up in ourselves and what we think is right to where sometimes we blind ourselves from seeing what really is right! We justify things just to make ourselves feel better, when in reality, if we have to justify something, then it must not be right in the first place. […]