Yowzers!!! Yes, ripping off of the Band-Aid can be painful and hurt, but what if I told you that you have to HURT in order to HEAL?! Yep! That’s right. You wont need healing if there is no hurt. Duh!! God has been moving and speaking and after tonight’s bible study, He has confirmed and convicted! […]

One year a Christian:: Le journey thus far…


Although, I haven’t reached my year just yet, tonight’s revival made me decide to write. It spoke on the “Here and Now” and the fierce urgency of the now, so I am taking advantage of my now. So! I thought I had a layout on how I wanted to blog about this journey, but I’m just […]

Who is God to you???

Mannnnn, this definitely wasn’t my plan to blog tonight. I thought I was just gonna stop writing some poetry, take a shower, say my prayers and go to sleep; but apparently HE had other plans for me, and I must be obedient. So yeah… Now, you can’t judge me, but apparently me and God be having the […]