Shine bright like a diamond

Right now, in this moment, as I sit at my desk eating this dry and baconless McAlister’s club sandwich (blah) and BBQ Lays and reflecting; one of the lights in the chandelier started flickering and immediately I was like, “Alright Lord, what You got for me?” Well, what He had is this blog!

I literally sat here and watch the light flicker on and off for a good minute, looking like it was in a real struggle, then eventually burn out and I thought about the body of Christ. In Matthew 5:14, Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world, but just like that light, sometimes its a struggle to keep it shinning and sadly, burnouts sometimes happens. Look, I’ll be honest! There are many a days (well not many, but quite a few!) I don’t wanna do anything and when the going get tough and the struggle gets real, I wanna do just like that light and go out! I mean really, I wanna go to sleep! Lol..but that’s not the way to do things, especially as a believer because they are people lives depending on us. Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” We must continue to let our light shine and fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12) and not grow weary in good doing (Galatians 6:9) because the picture is ALWAYS bigger than what we see!

As that light bulb went out, the room got a little darker, and that’s what happens to the world when we let our light die. I’m sorry, but as believers our task is great! I mean, Christ did die the ultimate death (that didn’t even keep Him!) so you really thought He would give us little to nothing to do?! Pshh..please! We Christians are “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s SPECIAL possession“; we were called “out of darkness into His wonderful light!” (1 Peter 2:9, emphasis added). I think that the battle was so hard with that light bulb because it really didn’t want to go out and personally speaking, I know that’s how the war between flesh and spirit is with believers. It’s a struggle because we really don’t want to give in, but sometimes the struggle seems so hard to where it feels/looks easier to just give in. But its not. With this light going out, someone is going to have to grab another bulb, get a ladder, climb up, unscrew the old bulb, screw in the new bulb, climb down, put away the ladder, and then discard the dead light bulb. Do you see the work that it takes to get the light shinning again!?

>>>My friend, it is not easier going out, what’s best is staying in. When you step outside of the will of God, it is harder trying to get back in. It requires a lot of work and not necessarily from God, but from you! Keep shining.<<<

Looking at the chandelier, it looks like something is missing. It dark, gloomy, and frankly, not pretty. When all the lights are on, the chandelier is beautiful! It’s vibrant and bright and warms up the room. Do you see where I’m getting at?! When your light is dim or gone, you are not yourself. You no longer stand out, but fit in. If its dark, no one can tell that you are different. No one can tell that you are chosen, you are royal, you are special. You are going to look just like the next Joe Black or Jane Red as the next one. But when you are lit and you are shining, people can see the difference, they can see there’s something in the inside, they can see that you stand out and set apart and then God gets the glory as it should be.

{Light attracts while darkness attacks}

Oh my gosh!! Wrapping up this blog, the light came back on shinier than ever!! Look at God!!! And believe you me, I am NOT making this up! I love the way God moves and reveals things. He is always speaking, we are normally the ones not listening. This is only a refresher blog, a reminder to not let your light go out but to fight that lil fight you got going on and come out shinier than ever and give God the praise!!! He will not bring you to it if He has no means of getting you through it. God starts at the end.. My Pastor always say “God speaks the ending at the beginning”…(Never really got that until the Holy Spirit reveled that to me.) I love Isaiah chapter 55 and the reason why I love it is because it helps me to keep holding on to God’s promises because in this chapter it tells how His word, once it comes out of His mouth, “shall NOT return unto Him void, but SHALL accomplish what He desire and achieve the purpose for which He sent it” (V11) *emphasis added**. So this means, when God says something, it is going to happen! And since it’s going to happen, it doesn’t matter where the starting point is.

Now my people, fight that darkness that’s trying to creep in and take over. Stay the course. Know that darkness cannot and will not win and continue to let your light shine!!!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5


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