Sandbars in you..

God created the whole entire world in 6 days!!! He did not stress about it, He didn’t run after it, I don’t even think He broke a sweat! He knew what He wanted and He just simply said, “Let there be…” They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I wont argue that, however, even with imperfections of His creation, I don’t think anyone can argue that it is not beautiful! Last evening, I went on a dolphin tour, while riding out in the gulf to go see the dolphins, the boat hit a sand spot, in the middle of the gulf!!! **Pause** Yes, I did TOTALLY freak out, but after I calmed down I was like, “but we’re like in the middle of the gulf, why is there a bar of sand here!?” I’m sure there are many “buts” that we say to/ask ourselves. “I workout and eat pretty good, but why is this little pudge still here?”, “Majority of the women in my family has some pretty decent, nice sized boobs, but mine are not like theirs!?”, “I’m praying, being faithful, committed, and obedient, but why hasn’t ‘this’ happened yet?!” Regardless of what your “but” is, realize and recognize that it is beautiful. God makes NO mistakes! I don’t know if that sand bar been there since the beginning of time, or if it just so happened migrated there over time, but what I DO know is that God knew it would be there. He knows ALL that’s to happen. Time, location, persons, etc. We do so much to try and make ourselves look good for someone else, but the real question is, “How does God thinks you look!?” Apparently He made you that way, so it must be good! He put that “sand bar” in the middle of your “gulf” maybe so you can recognize that regardless, you are still beautiful. That once you calm down after freaking out, you see that “sand bar” didn’t change that you are still a “gulf”.

Once we made it out to see the dolphins, there were different ones. We even seen a baby dolphin!!! It was soooooo cute!!!!!!! Well, one of the dolphins, I realized didn’t look like the others. This one had spots on it. It was “not perfect” because it didn’t “look like the rest”.. LIE! I didn’t realize that dolphin because it was different from the rest, I realized that dolphin because, to me, it was putting on a show! That dolphin was swimming, jumping, flipping, and playing with the others;  beautiful, and this morning, it hit me. That dolphin KNEW exactly who and what it was!! It didn’t seem at all that it cared that it was different. It wasn’t trying to compete or be like the rest of the dolphins, it just simply did its thing and interacted with the other dolphins. It wasn’t trying to stand out, I really think it was trying to blend, but it did stand out! Why!? Because it was different! “For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” Deuteronomy 7:6,KJV. See, God wants you to be different. He chose you to be special. YOU ARE SPECIAL!! As a matter of fact, say that, “I am special”. Every time you meet or run up on your “sand bar”, SPEAK it to yourself that you are special because you are! You were fearfully and wonderfully made and God will use your “mess” for your message!! He makes no mistakes. Everything is exactly where it needs to be.

Do you know when things begin to become messed up, ugly, and all out of place!? It’s when WE, humans, start trying to “correct” what we think God messed up! Cosmetic surgery is a big one! Steroids, heck, ima even say WEAVE too! Let me clear this up before going into it. Yes, I have worn weave before nor do I have a problem with it. I am not addicted to it like some people NOR do I need it to define WHO I am! I have never been a big weave person, but I would get braids or a sew in when I’m tired of doing my hair or need a break from it. Or being as when I’m bored, my hair tends to be the one that I “attack” with color and/or scissors, so I purchased and made a wig! (I’m natural) But there are so many women who feels that if their hair not a certain length or texture, that they are not beautiful. Be having awesome healthy hair that they refuse to wear because “weave makes them them”. No boo boo.. Weave makes you fake because you are really hiding who you really are! I’m just saying.. I’ll even admit that I totally want a boob job! I am more than sure that I will never get one, but my boobs are my sand bar. Ain’t nothing wrong with them, they’re were they’re supposed to be located on a woman’s body, but TO ME, they are not what I want them to be. However, God knows they are exactly what they are supposed to be. I know if I had bigger and perkier boobs, I would probably be broadcasting them all over the channel 6 news!! But I realize that my “sand bar” does not take away from my “gulf”. I am STILL a wonderfully and fearfully made beautiful woman! You must remember God knows the desires of your heart. That mean He knows the good and wicked ones. You can’t hide from God nor keep things from Him. He is omniscient!

This is for everything. Love as well. I truly believe that yes, you do have to work hard in love, but not to get love! You shouldn’t have to “make” that person love and/or fall for you. However, in marriages and relationships, it takes work to keep them going. This one guy, I promise, I was doing everything in my power to get him to love me like I loved him. Going above and beyond! Still shaking my head at some of the things I would do to get him to want me, commit to me, marry me, and have me. But no matter what I did, apparently it wasn’t good enough, because he is married to someone else. I was very hurt and bitter for a long time, but it was a great sand bar that I had to stumble across. What I wanted from him was what I needed from God and what I needed to give to myself. That’s the thing right there! If we put the time and effort that we are giving to that other person to get them to love us towards God and ourselves, that sand bar would probably never be there. However, if its already there, just like the captain of the boat kept it going, that’s exactly what we need to do. We will witness that there are still other things out there for us to see.

I’m not gonna say I’m scary anymore, because I’ve been deep out in the water twice now, I’m still cautious, but I’m a little bit more comfortable with it now–no surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, white water rafting, tubing, or jet skiing solo no time soon tho (okay, so maybe I am still a wittle bit, however I have realized that had I freaked out and begged the captain to take me back to land after we ran into the sand bar, I would have NEVER witness the beauty of an amazing experience of witnessing the dolphins interact with each other and us NOR would I have been able to write this blog! You see how that works!? Embrace the sand bar in you, recognize and realize it does not take away from who and what you are! God created you so perfect, imperfections and all.

Sometimes, for beautiful things to happen and come about, all you have to do is simply speak it into existence. You are special. Now repeat after me, out loud, “I am special. My sand bar does not take away from the gulf that I am!” **Repeat as necessary**

Bless and Be blessed. I love you all, but the best love is from God!

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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