Ready to Breakout!?

As I was showering, I was reflecting on a word that I heard today to where my mind took off and recollected of other things. I thought about my life, stories I’ve read, stories I’ve heard, parables and stories in the Bible. While thinking on all these things, I thought about the game Monopoly. Everyone who knows the game Monopoly knoooows that the best things to have are all 4 Railroads, both Boardwalk and Park Place (with houses or hotels), and the “Get out of Jail FREE” card! Man! You got that card, you’re merely winning. You keep that card close by you, ready to use it when you land in jail; or you just may sell it to the highest bidder cuz it is a hot commodity!

Well, what if I told you life is like Monopoly?

You roll the dice and take the called steps to find yourself either excelling, pulling a card with further directions, landing on someone else’s property and owing them, paying bills, standing still (not passing go and collecting your 2), or the ultimate worse:: GOING TO JAIL! Lucky for believers and non believers alike, when you hit that rock bottom and find yourself behind bars in your situation, you don’t have to wait until your next turn to post bail, use your card, or roll a double; but you can call on the name of Jesus and be set free IMMEDIATELY!!

Girl, what you talking about?!

Well, lets take the message I heard earlier that brought me to this blog. The topic was “I Want Out” and he (Pastor Ryan Perkins) spoke from Mark 10:46-52 with Bartimaeus, the blind man. He was in jail with his condition of not being able to see, but then he called out and Jesus heard him and IMMEDIATELY he gained sight! No? Not enough?? Let’s take the women with the issue of blood (Luke 8:40-48). She had this bloody issue for 12 years and she had no more money in her monopoly bank from all her dice rolls and found herself in jail. She touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was IMMEDIATELY healed. 12 years of blood just ceased to exist. Still not convinced?? What about the lame man at the pool in John chapter 5, the leper, the centurion servant, the healings that took place at Peter’s house in Matthew chapter 8:1-17?? All of these people were immediately healed and set free from what was imprisoning them! So why can’t it happen for you!?

There’s this song that goes “God wants to heal you, everywhere you hurt, everywhere you hurt; God will see you through, He’ll take the pain away.” <Earnest Pugh:: listen to it> I believe they repeat “everywhere you hurt” so you can truly get it! Jesus came “not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved” (John 3:17)! He wants you to live and have life more abundantly (John 10:10). God doesn’t want you living in Hell, going to Hell, being in jail literally and figuratively. He wants you to be free, bondage free! In Christ there is freedom and liberty (Gal 5:1/2 Cor 3:15-17). As stated before, this is for believers and unbelievers alike. He is no respect of persons (Rom 2:11), He rains on the just as well as the unjust (Matt 5:45; latter).

Ultimately, what I am saying is::

Regardless of your situation, whatever decisions you are making, whatever it is that you rolled; you can still get out of jail. The question is: DO YOU WANT TO!? Cuz just like each of the persons I’ve mentioned earlier, they did SOMETHING to get out of their situation. Now, their situations could have been a cause of a decision they made or not, but being freed from it did not seem like an option to them. And I would say unfortunately Jesus was their last option, but it was VERY fortunate that He was!

**My friend, you cannot be in ANY situation Jesus cannot break you from.**

Regardless of how many times you’ve rolled that same dice, He has the card. He IS the card! He’s the cycle ender, the curse breaker; He’s ready. He got the key in the lock. Will you do your part and walk with Him and be free?!?!?! It is my prayer that you say “yes” and throw them chains behind you and leave them there!

I’m praying like crazy!! There is NOTHING like being free, but frankly, I’m just tired of people being in bondage and all I can do it pray because it is up to you, person, to do your “something”, I cannot do it for you.

Bless and Be Blessed
-DanikaKayelle XOXO


  1. Brittany says

    HEY Girl!! Just stopping through. Love,love, love your blogs continue allowing God to use you!!! Have an awesome night!!

  2. Jonsha A says

    Omg I needed this wish I would’ve been came on your blog sooner then later but hey I’m on it now and this was for me I believe and receive it
    Thank you for letting God use you to spread his word I pray you go higher and higher in the Lord

    • DanikaKayelle says

      Yeaaassss!!! Better sooner than later.. Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by and prayerfully, you continue to follow!!! So happy you were able to find something relatable and something you can grasps and hold on to!! There will be more to come!! As long as the Lord is speaking, I will continue writing!!! Praise God!! Share the word and appreciate the prayer!!!

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