Rain, rain…go away.

Each day we all are faced with something and the saying is true, “Someone has it worse than you.” What I am learning each day as I wake up and move is that we all have it better than what we think.! We will never know what its like to go through certain things, because those challenges or what have you are not for us to go through. Today, this morning, when I got up, I started to wonder, “what if”, “what would of happened had I done this”, and just now I realized that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I went through, that I did, that it happened and I can’t go back or take it back. Over the weekend, my heart was broken. I have to step out of someone’s life unwillingly and as I talked about it to others and they spoke on it and I replayed it over and over in my head, I’ve concluded that it is done. It has to be done, whether I like it or not. You see, I’m really trying to become more God conscious of things and not think selfish but selfless. Everything is bigger than you. Actions have consequences. When you do something, something else happens. You cut somebody, they bleed. Sometimes things happen that you wont understand, but you must trust and believe that its a learning process and find something in that storm you can grasp. There are challenges that come upon us that we bring on ourselves. We may not want to take the blame for it, but it is true. Especially if you step outside of God’s will. You may be going through a situation and your trying to figure out all the “what if”s, trying to figure out how can you change it, what can you do to make it better or make it go away? Well, the answer is really simple. Accept it. Admit it. Give it to God. I know I removed myself from that person’s life a while back and this is the result of my actions. Another thing  I’m realizing, just because the consequence doesn’t immediately follow the action does not mean it is not to happen. The Bible even speaks on that (Ecc 8:11-13).

::Karma…. They say she’s a female dog, but if its getting what we dished, shouldn’t we be the evil ones and not karma?! I mean, had we not done what we did, we wouldn’t get what we got right!?::

Anywho! Tough love, mostly for me. Life does not suck. Certain things that happens in life does. You will not have all sunny days; there must be some rain! It may be a drizzle, scattered, or stormy and flooding, but nevertheless, it ends and the sun comes out to play again! Just because you are saved does not mean you are exempt from trouble or hard times. He rains on the just as well as the unjust (Matt 5:45). Look how selfish that is though!? For us humans to feel like since we give our life to Christ that we deserve to have only happy days. Ha! I really gotta laugh at myself and my thoughts sometimes. Jesus, the only perfect man, had some pretty horrible days. Heck, He was crucified for crying out loud! We get dropped from one person life and sit around asking, “but why!?” **Rolls eyes** We funny. But look, I get it. Some things we go through hurts like hell. It seems like the storm will never end and no matter what we do, how much we pray, how many things we sacrifice, how many times we forgive, it just seem like the clouds are getting darker and darker. Well, it rained on Earth for 40 days and 40 nights, THEN the waters prevailed over the earth for 150 days, and then it was still another 21 days or so before the earth was ready for life again (Genesis chapters 6,7,8). **Scoffs** AND!?!?!?! What are you saying? What I’m saying is there is an end. Your rain may have stopped, but the flooding is still there. Your flooding may have even went down, but its still not time for you to step out yet. Take this time to grow. Take this time to focus. Instead of trying to get out, try to understand why you are in. Instead of asking yourself “what if”, ask yourself “what now”. Don’t focus on the pain, focus on what the outcome can be. Prepare yourself for what’s to come. Baby, get yourself a rain coat, some rain boots, and an umbrella and second line all through your storm. Get some floaties and goggles and learn how to swim! But! What you absolutely must not do is get comfortable or give in. Stay hopeful. Know truth. Don’t sike yourself up saying everything is all cookies and cream when its really hot coal and daggers being thrown at you! Find you someone you can trust to confide in and vent to. Don’t go mouthing off to just anybody and don’t let just no anybody plant seeds in your ear. The enemy is out to destroy!! If you are having fun dancing and swimming in your storm, he is trying to see to it that you DROWN! Don’t let him get a hold of you. Take control of your thoughts. Redirect your mind. Focus on Christ and the good stuff. It gets better, believe me it does.

There’s a reason for your storm. God promised never to destroy the earth by water again. Therefore, your storm cannot kill you. Just as He placed a rainbow in the sky, there is a rainbow being prepared in your life to soon shine. Stay prayerful, stay strong. You can and will get through whatever it is. I’m praying for you. I’m praying for us all. Always remember that you are not alone. “Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, He is it that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” Deuteronomy 31:6 (KJV).


-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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