Please stop calling me your “Wifey”!

Hola!! Sooooo, I’ve been sitting on this for a lil minute, but I think now is the time for it to come out.

A few weeks, maybe a month or so ago, the Holy Spirit asked me if I was a “wife” or “wifey”?, and in my head, I was like “Ain’t that the same thing?!”; but then I figured since He asked me that, it couldn’t have been. So I thought about it and I just sat on it. So now, today, I am getting up and going to answer this.

I AM a WIFE. Period. And I am striving to not only be a wife, but to be a virtuous wife! Because according to Proverbs 31:10, we see that she is rare and not easily found; so that is my goal!

A wife simply just mean “a married woman, the woman someone is married to; a woman joined to another person in marriage, the female spouse” according to Merriam-Webster and; and yes, that is I, but the Bible defines “wife” as so much more and THAT is the wife I am and striving to be!

I didn’t like the terms “hubby” and “wifey” even before I got married, but after I got married I was definitely not feeling them! Granted, my husband is not really the type of guy who would call me his wifey anyways, so that is great; however, if he was, we would have had to have a little conversation. Now I already know what you about to say, “Here she go about to be all technical” (I told yall my husband calls me “Technical Tammy”!), buuuuuuuut the term “wifey” is a worldly term and not a Biblical one! Please tell me what version of the Bible you saw it in? No worries, I’ll give you time to Google it.

Satan duplicates God, that his thing, so there is no surprise he’s getting you girls all amped up and excited about being some dude’s “wifey”! Girl, please!! That is NOT ::Hashtag:: Goals! I found this to be interesting though: when I searched the term “wifey” the first thing that popped up said that it is a “condescending way to referring to a man’s wife”, yet so many “wives” loves when their man calls them that! Hmmmm… So then, I continued my research on and guess what!? To my (not) surprise, wifey doesn’t mean that you are actually someone’s wife!!! **GASP** Haha!! I’m sorry, but I really had to laugh! People bucked up about being called wifey missing the fact that they just may never actually become “WIFE”.. Poor lil tink tinks. So let me get into it….

A wife is someone who is actually married! Legally, signed, sealed, delivered, and filed with the state you have been married in. (NOTE:: WIVES! You have accomplished something some women are striving to accomplish, please stop degrading that and yourself by calling yourself “wifey” and being okay with being called “wifey”). A wifey is a girlfriend or chick or boo that a guy just so happens likes above the rest and could maybe, possibly see himself marrying, BUT that’s not guarantee. So my challenge is to get women who are married to become and BE a wife and not a wifey and to get ladies who are single to set a bar to become a wife and not settle for “wifey“! Which is why the Lord has placed a ministry in me called “I AM a W.I.F.E.” (Wives Interceding For Eachother). This ministry kicks off Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 3pm. The first meet will be at my church, The Love of Jesus Ministry, 1905 Hwy 59, Mandeville, LA, 70448. (It’s really not that far of a drive, do not be discouraged). Here, we wives will come together and learn how to be and grow to be not just a wife, a married woman, the woman someone is married to; a woman joined to another person in marriage, the female spouse, but a VIRTUOUS WIFE! The rare and extremely worthy wife!

I believe that, yes, we, as wives, may have obtained the “good thing” ribbon/status (some of us at least), for the Bible says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22); however, there is a difference between “good” and “virtuous” and since the “good thing” came first in chapter 18 of the book of Proverbs and the “virtuous” comes way later at the end of Proverbs in chapter 31 AND it asks “Who can find a virtuous wife?” tells me that “Yeah, your husband may have found a good thing in you, but there is still a search for the virtuous wife”, and being as it’s ways away from chapter 18 (13 chapters to be exact) further tells me that there is levels to this and there is work to be done!

So if you’re okay with just being a wife and a “good thing”, then great! That’s an accomplishment! Your husband has obtained favor with the Lord and you can go on and continue on being a good thing! More power to you! However, if you desire for your children to rise up and call you blessed and for your husband to praise you, then take the virtuous challenge with me!! Meet me at the end of this month to begin a journey of a lifetime!! (Cuz it just may take that long to reach the virtuous level! lol) For those who can’t make it, I may do live broadcasts on Periscope, or possibly YouTube, not quite sure yet, but if that IS your desire, to be a virtuous wife, and you’re not from the area or have a way to meet me, just drop a comment and your email below and I will see to it that you embark upon this train with me and other like-minded wives who will intercede for each other because remember Amos 3:3 asks; “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?“. I can’t do it without you, you can’t do it without me, and we both can’t do it without God!

And to my singles, do not fret! You will not be left behind! Our journey is also for those who are to follow behind. Be on the lookout for future open meetings and a retreat that is to come later this year!!

**Tentatively the end of October in either Alabama or Florida**

Also, meetings and outings will not always be on the Northshore, but are planned to be every month at the end of the month; so wives, you can plan ahead!!! Tell the husband, call the baby sitter, this is YOUR time! Don’t miss out!

Bless and Be Blessed!
-DanikaKayelle, XOXO

Sings: “Will you be my wifey?
Says: “NO! I’ll be your WIFE!

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