….it’s amazing what a simple “delete” can do. It may not fully erase the memory…but it kills the visual and diminishes the reminiscing. #DanikaKayelle ❤️

It may be just a “mind thing”, but nevertheless it is a “thing”. A thing that the devil can use against you..a thing that you have to decide to get free from. Whatever/Whoever you need to delete to subconsciously make go away..don’t wait any longer; do it right now! The longer you wait…the more playtime you set up with Satan. Think about it….


…they say “the grass is always greener on the other side” and this question just dawned on me… Are “they” speaking FROM the other side AFTER they done already crossed over.!? I’m beginning to think that’s what they mean.. That the grass on YOUR side is always greener because it is YOUR grass that you have to upkeep. When you’re tending to your own don’t have time worrying bout other people’s stuff. You should be SO focused on the greenness of you and your grass that you won’t have to wait until AFTER you crossed over to see that it’s “always greener on the other side.” #DanikaKayelle ❤️


“You gotta test drive a car before you buy it” is the line people using to get some! Ladies, and fellas, STOP letting the opposite sex compare you to something that is NOT human and man made when you are GOD MADE!!!! Just cuz you “test drive” a car doesn’t mean you’re gonna purchase it…and if just so happen you do “purchase it”, know that a car depreciates once it’s driven off the lot and 9xs out of 10, after a couple of years..that car becomes a trade in.. Be mindful what you’re comparing yourself to and settling for. Imjussayn. Up your standards. You are worth WAY more!! If you know what you want, you don’t have to test drive it go right on in and purchase it.. #DanikaKayelle ❤️