I am just inspired!!!! I don’t know where this blog is going to go, but prayerfully it will go somewhere!!!

There is always so much stuff going on. Stuff with you personally and stuff with life in general to where it gets so easy to get sidetracked. I now see why the Word tells you to Seek the Lord and to meditate on His Word. You have to be on your toes at all times because you just never know when something will hit you! It doesn’t necessarily have to be something bad, it can be something simple as new. New things can be scary because you’ve never experienced them before, however, when you are in tune with the Father and you KNOW He is Ruler of all and has your best interest at heart; new things become less scary and more interesting and intriguing. You begin to know that there is a lesson or a blessing. You begin to know that if its a test, there will be a testimony. I used to wonder why I was being tested in one particular area seemed like ALL the time and I remembered my Pastor saying that “God is testing your integrity. He is trying to see if He can trust you with what is to come.” I also had to realize that I wasn’t as “moved passed” as I thought I was; that they were still some ways to go. That is why you should always remain humbled as well because you just never know when you will be faced with something, knocked back down, or be used to be an inspiration or an encouraging word for someone else.

Tonight at Bible Study, Pastor spoke upon revelation and information, and it got me thinking. I was scrolling down my timeline and ran across a picture somebody posted of themselves saying #workinghard or something along those lines and it was right then when it hit me! We do not take the time to enjoy and dwell in the now. The information that we are giving out is not always necessary or useful! I will admit, I was that girl that ALWAYS had to take a picture of her food and post it. Really, whatever I was doing, I darn near had to post it…: #gettingdressed, #onmywayout #lookwhatimeating #sleeping #lookwhatimwatching #studying #readingforschool. (Now how many of y’all know that reading and studying was not legit!? I got so sidetracked with scrolling, it was ridiculous!) But it was like I was living my life for other people and not for myself or enjoying it with the person that I am sharing my time with. But having my mind constantly renewed and conditioned, I came to realize that who cares besides God, me and whomever I’m out eating with what we are having for dinner or who cares what I am actually doing at this present time in moment?! If we wanted the whole world to know, we would have invited them! Now, I’m not knocking the people who want to have the “memories”. Yes, I know memories are more important. My thing is if you are SO busy creating the memory and enjoying it, 9xs out of 10, there will be no time to snap it up, make a collage, and post it; because in that moment, is when you stop enjoying and creating.

Just think with me for a second. You’re at a birthday party, no better yet, I will use my past life. One time I was out at a party or at a club or something and I REMEMBER having thee time of my life, HOWEVER, there were NO pics to justify that because I/we were having so much fun enjoying and living in the moment to where there were no time to be like, “hollup, take my picture”. Do you know how many poses and takes you gotta do once you take that first one?! It is very TIME CONSUMING!!!!

No, I am not knocking you, take your picture boo boo if that’s what you want to do. All I’m saying is do not let that consume you. If you are soooo busy doing what you’re doing, to where do you get the time from to take a picture, upload, filter, comment, hashtag, and post it??? Imjussayn. Don’t let life pass you by getting hung up on useless things. Man’s validations don’t count anyways, they blink and might miss it, but God sees all. Time waits for no man, so enjoy it while it is a leisure. It shall end one day and you don’t want to sit back saying, “man, I wish…”

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

PS. Am I saying that I no longer take pictures when I go places whether it be of the food or the travel or the act? No. What I am saying is that once, it consumed me as if I HAD to do it. Now it is more of a mind conscious thing to where it is not necessary because I am enjoying the moment. I rather look back and say, “Awwwwe, I wish I would have gotten a picture” than saying, “Hey look at this picture!” and not have any other significant value of the event; that is all.

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