This morning when I woke up, “time, time, time” was on my mind. I got to thinking how we humans tend to normally think, “When its the right time” or “Its not the right time” and I’m like, “When it is time, that’s when it is the right time.” We try to make our own time when God already have everything planned and mapped out for us. Yes, there is a designated time for everything, but we prolong it and/or prevent it from happening.

I hear a lot of people talk about how they gotta get some things in order before they come before God, go to church, or become saved, when in reality, that is most likely never going to happen because those very “things” just may be what He is calling you for so He can assist you and “getting them together.” NO one can fill a void and make you whole BUT God. No man, no woman, no job, no relationship, no marriage, no career, no money, no hug, no kiss, no intercourse, no kids, no nothing! I used to think if I had a child, then everything would be alright; that I would have somebody who was “destined” to love me and I would feel complete. Do you know how wrong I was?! I don’t have any children, but I have God and this is the most completed and whole I have ever felt in my whole life!!!!! I thought “homie” completed me, but really, he was tearing me a part and breaking me down. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I can see!!! “I once was blind, but now I see.” You know the saying, “Come as you are?”, well, I used to use that to justify the way I dressed when I went to church. Now hold up, I wasn’t wearing pajamas or “club attire” like some people are pulling nowadays which is not only rude and disrespectful, but says a lot about you as a person; but anywho, I digress! I used to just be super laxed and didn’t give it much thought of or what have you and my mom would always ask with that “stank face”, “You going to church like THAT!?” and look me up and down and I would respond, “Yeap! The Lord said, ‘Come as you are’!” **buzzer** I finally got revelation to that word one day at church. When Jesus says, “Come as you are”, He means spiritually, not naturally. Therefore what I’m getting at is that you will NEVER “get it together” and as long as you keep waiting on that, that’s the closer to Hell and farther from salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration, peace, joy, happiness, love, comfort, closer to God, closer to Heaven, and all that good stuff that comes along with being a child of God you get. Now, let me go back for a second, if you ain’t got it and all you have is what you have, then I am not saying do not go to church because you are not “decked out” enough, no, let me clear that up now! If that’s all you have, that’s all you have, but when you KNOW better, you DO better. So you may start out going to church one way, but when God comes in and do major things and works in you and in your life, you will desire to present yourself better before The Lord, because His approval and what He thinks of you will matter!

Second to that, another thing I hear and a friend and I was discussing, how folks, males in general, would say, “I gotta get myself together or get some things in order before I make this official,” and we, as women, are like, “Whaaaaaaa?!” Has it ever occurred to you, man, that women were created to be helpers/a help meet??? “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18. Verses 19&20 tells how God formed every beast of the field and ever fowl of the air and brought them to Adam for him to name and none of them was an help meet for him, so V21 God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and He took one of his ribs, and out of his rib, God made woman and brought her unto Adam (V22), Adam woke up and IMMEDIATELY recognized her and said, V23: “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” V24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and he shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” So peep this!! God realized that Adam was alone and that Adam still had work to do and he could not do it alone, so God made him a help meet. **GASP** No mammal, insect, bird, amphibian, reptile, plant, invertebrate, fish, none of that, was a suitable helper for him, so God temporarily blinded Adam, caused him to fall into a deep sleep and went to work. God took a part of man to create his helper because when they join, they will be in tune. The help meet will be equipped with the right tools to help the one she was made from. Oh em gee! It’s all beginning to make sense now huh!? Well, this is what I wanted to get to. Adam, when he woke up and saw her, immediately recognized her and claimed her. He didn’t say, “Wait, let me get some things in order before I call you woman, I’m not really sure that I’m all the way together and got everything right just yet, so lemme just hold off for a few so I can get some things straight.” NO! Adam KNEW that this woman was designed for him, he KNEW that when he met her that it was the right time to claim her, he KNEW that in order to complete his assignment he needed some help and she was there to help him and he acted accordingly. That second to last verse, 24, Adam KNEW that it was time to stop depending and relying on mom and dad, worrying about and cleaving unto them, but that it was time for him to be a man and become one with his woman to complete the task that was to be done. It is time to wake up Men of God. Granted, yes, we know that Eve “helped” Adam get kicked out of the Garden, but Adam left Eve uncovered for Satan to sneak in… Another blog another day. Adam acted on his “now”. He recognized that God has ordered his steps to that very event and he acted accordingly. He wasn’t confused about it, he wasn’t scared about it, he wasn’t hesitant about it, he was just plain and outright sure and did what it was that he needed to do. He trusted his spirit and his heart because he knew that God lived in him and makes no mistakes. He didn’t put off or prolong his destiny and what was destined for him. I’m sure it all happened so fast for Adam, because one day he’s running round the Garden solo dolo, naming beasts of the field and fowls of the air, and he wakes up and POW, lo and behold, there’s a female standing in front of him; but hey! That’s how it happens and you have to trust God and what is in you and act accordingly. Its natural to get scared, have fear and anxiety because things are happening so fast, but you noticed I said “natural”; that’s not spiritual because God has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7), nor is He the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33) so you can’t say that you don’t know because you do.

Now!!! God knows what He is doing. He knows all (Psalm 139). We, humans, don’t really know diddly squat. (I really wanted to say ish so you can really grasp it, but you get the picture). I thought I knew a lot of stuff and boy was I wrong about majority of it!! I thought sex would keep a man, and here I am single, I thought kids would keep a man, and here I see a lot of single mothers, I thought cursing, getting drunk, clubbing, showing off my body was the “it” thing to do, and here I see that its all self esteem issues. You see, I don’t have it all together and if it looks like I do, its only God. I am learning more and more each day, growing, understanding, being given chance after chance to continue living, striving, and reaching my goal. I still have yet to get a clear picture of what’s to come, but I know that it will be for my good and it will be what is for me. I try not to logically think with my mind on how things will happen and turn out because that is when I turn God off and turn me on and I don’t have a clean track record of making the best decisions but God does. I have yet to hear Him mess up or cause major damage on someone! I mean, yeah, He allowed Job to be tempted by Satan to where he lost everything, but read how that book end. It all worked out for his good. God gave Job double! And if you’re thinking that once you become saved and living right, you will never see “hard days” again, please don’t be mistaken my friend; you will. There are different seasons and not all of them are good, but there is One who is good and He is a “good stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7 KJV. Even on my bad days, they’re good days because I trust God is doing things. He has something in mind that I must go through “this” to help, guide, prepare me for “that”. You gotta learn how to understand your season, see God through and in them, and seek why you are in that particular season and what should come about and/or what should you get out of it. God is speaking, the question is, “Are you listening?” Are you telling yourself that the time is not right, you have to wait for later or for this to happen or that to happen??? Baby, that is clear notification that the time is NOW! The devil is playing with your mind, trying to convince you that “now” is not the right time so he can have a little bit more time to get you closer in his corner as opposed to walking into your purpose, your destiny, your dreams, your goals, your ambition, your breakthrough, your healing, your completeness, your happiness, your peace. You see, as long as you’re running from God, you’re running to Satan and he’s causing you all kinds of grief, cloudiness, confusion, pain, agony, hurt, emptiness, but he tries and cover that up with temporary joy, happiness, love, contentment by using drugs, sex, alcohol, lust, addictions. Baby, you are not doing anything but hurting yourself seeking and searching for that “right time”. They used to say, “Tomorrow is not promised”, well neither is your next second. This world is crazy and I would hate to see any of you die without truly knowing The Lord and all of His goodness. It’s better to live with Him just as much as it is to die with Him. Living witness. My little over one year now in Christ triumphs my over a decade in Satan. And let’s not get it twisted, if you are not a child of His you are a child of his. Know the difference. Light and darkness cannot fellowship together, you can’t serve God and still be of the world. I believe it was my Elect Lady who said you are to live IN the world but not be OF the world. Romans 12:2 says, “And be not confirmed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” You gotta make up your mind now that you will be different, that you are different, because if God is calling you, He called you out to be different. Now why would you settle to be the same when you are chosen not to be?! Riddle me that…. The time is now, the place is here, and the decision is yours. So now tell me, to what are you waiting for!?

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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