Merry Christmas!!!!!

In the spirit of Christmas, its only right my gift to you be a message of Christ! ūüôā

In our last Heart to Heart, the theme was “Stirring up the Gifts”. Gifts…not your talents, but your gifts. My very first blog¬†[] was on gifts. How they can be so many different things!! She, my First Lady, talked about¬†the gift¬†ALL born again believers have to share: Faith, Hope,¬†and Love (she spoke from 1 Cor 12 and 13). But the one that really touched me was the gift of Christ through our testimony.¬†So I will share my story of Christ and how He changed my life in hopes to give faith to the faithless, hope to the hopeless, and love to the unloved.

Some people see me and see the things that I DON’T do anymore. Some people see me and see the things that I do now. And some people, well, let’s just say that they just don’t see me. What I had a hard time coming to the realize¬†is that sometimes WE (believers, people who are part of the Church, in Christ, Christians) may possibly be the only Jesus that other people see. So I had to¬†get a revelation on that to understand it. When I first came into¬†Christ, I still thought it was okay for¬†me¬†to have a drink here and there, every now and again, long as¬†I’m not indulging in it and getting drunk,¬†I’m good¬†and Biblically, I wasn’t doing anything wrong: Ephesians 5:18 says “Be not drunk with wine, wherein in excess; but be filled with the Spirit“; HOWEVER, the Spirit told me that it is all about image and He asked me, “How would it look if someone came in and recognized you from being ‘that girl who always posting and talking bout Jesus’ with your glass in front of you?” Me being me, I was like,¬†“But it’s only one drink” and He told me, “Yeah, but how would they¬†know that?! All they see is you sitting at a bar with a glass in front of you. They don’t¬†know how long you been there or what number you are on,¬†all they are going to see is a girl who talks and post about¬†Jesus posted up at a bar with a drink in her glass and think its okay for them to do the same. Is that the image of God you want to give off? Is that the Jesus you want¬†introduce to people??”¬†Let’s say from that day on, she, me, her, I have never¬†put another glass of¬†an alcoholic beverage to my mouth again after that!!¬†Everyone has their own convictions and that was one of mine.

Since then, I have been getting the latter part of that verse. The beginning is not even an issue. I don’t even have a taste for alcohol anymore! So I bypass that and immediately jump to the “be filled with the Spirit” part. #WontHedoit God will take what¬†you was trying to hold on to and¬†show¬†you that He is¬†SO much more! Hallelujah!!

I¬†often times get the comment, “I don’t know/I don’t see how¬†you do it girl.¬†No sex!¬†Till marriage!!? I cant” and¬†my response to that is, “Only¬†Jesus”. TRUST ME!! This was NOT the plan!!! But God is so¬†good and He is GREAT at¬†keeping you, only if you want to be kept. I’ve compromised my purity along my walk. I placed myself in situations where it coulda¬†went down, heck; how far¬†it¬†was, it¬†SHOULDA went down, oh but God! Even while shaking¬†His head,¬†I’m sure, He still had the Holy Spirit telling me, “No. Don’t do it, I have so much more better in store for you.” and I¬†thank God for¬†ears to hear Him and a heart to follow¬†Him, cuz I didn’t do it. As much as my body wanted to, my Spirit just would not let me go there.¬†Praise¬†God! There’s a verse that¬†says how¬†no temptation is common to man, but¬†God gives you a way to escape it (1 Cor 10:13). Let me tell you::¬†THAT VERSE IS TRUTH!!!¬†See, this is why it is important to read and study your¬†Bible and to really get close to God and get to know Him and have a RELATIONSHIP with Him. He is here to help you! Not to harm you. He’s here to help you start living and not stop your life. He came so that you can have life and have it MORE abundantly!¬†(John 10:10).¬†The devil is the one that’s out to destroy and kill you! But I digress, back to my testimony…

So yes,¬†God is a keeper. He is able to keep you in the midst of your hard times, trials, struggles, and singleness.¬†He just gave me the revelation that¬†I may not be a virgin after my natural birth, but I am virgin since my Spiritual birth; so dwell on that, and I am grateful to¬†Him for that! Since giving up sex, I’ve gained self worth. Since giving up sex and receiving¬†Christ, I¬†can finally see. I see who was here for me and who was not. Who was in it to hit it and who was not in it for the long haul and I am¬†happy bout that!¬†Before I even gave my life to¬†Christ, I¬†made the decision to give it up¬†for a while because¬†I got tired of having meaningless sex. I got tired of being the side¬†piece with a biscuit. I¬†got tired of people not taking me serious. I got tired of¬†feeling “obligated” to have sex. I just plain ole got tired. PERIOD! That stuff gets old man, I don’t see how¬†people can¬†keep going like that, but again, I digress. So¬†yeah, I had¬†NO plans of really giving¬†it up for an¬†extended period of time, but when I said that I was waiting for a¬†“meaningful relationship” to give it up again, I guess¬†God was like,¬†“Yep! You sure am, and what’s¬†more meaningful that a man asking you to marry him!?”¬†Hey. Sister girl couldn’t argue with that!! Boop!

Maannn!! This is the deep one!! Soulties. Strongholds. Bondage. My God!!! God is a HEALER!!!! He can mend the broken pieces. He can stop the Woman at the Well from quenching her natural thirst and start quenching her Spiritual thirst. (I hope you caught that!) Y’all, when I tell you, going on 2 years of being saved, some things really take time to be healed from and get over. Your salvation happens in that moment of accepting Christ, but that’s just where your deliverance begins. Cleary, wrote about him a few times, I was in deep bondage with this guy. I’m talking a hold I can’t even tell you he had on me because I don’t even know what it was. But God! God gave me the opportunity to reach out to him to thank him for all the hurt he caused me because it was to my good (remember, what they (the devil) intended for your harm God will make it to your good–GET THIS–as it is TODAY, to save MUCH people ALIVE!! Gen 50:20). I’m trying¬†to help save¬†you!!¬†Bruh, if the Word don’t excite you, man! I am convinced you are DEAD!!! Tuh! Anywho!¬†So yeah, I talked to him and it was a good talk, good cry all that….but how many of you know, it came around again!? Look, as long as you are under God’s covering, He is obligated to help you; but when YOU step out of it, He is not. Well, remember I said earlier how He gives you a way out??? Well, he did that with this guy and showed me that’s not the way to go and now, I can OFFICIALLY say that God has healed me from that and I am as FREE as a bird. He can do it!!!

NOW! On to the even MORE exciting part!!!! Once upon a time, I thought that love was not for me. (Not much detail…check out my book when it comes out), but God! Ladies, when you submit yourself to God and STOP focusing and SEARCHING for a mate, you allow God to do what He wants to do for you and in you. You allow God to be Him and bless His children. Remember that “HE who FINDS a WIFE finds what is good and¬†receives favor from the Lord” Proverbs 18:22, NIV **emphasis added**). So chill bruh; the¬†Lord knows what He is doing. He is MORE than capable to bring¬†you a spouse in the midst of a¬†“man drought”.¬†**Raises hand** Ise a witness!¬†“Take delight in the Lord, and¬†He will give you the desires of your heart”¬†(Psalm 37:4). God knows more about you than you know about yourself. He not only knows your wants, because that’s what you voice Him, but He knows your NEEDS which are MUCH more important!! MUCH!!!

If God can deliver, keep, heal, and bless me; I know for a FACT that He can do the same for you. This life may sometimes come as a challenge, but it is worth it. No matter how big you may THINK your sacrifice is of whatever, remember that it will NEVER amount to the sacrifice Christ did on Calvary. He gave His life for you and for me. Not that we will automatically be saved, but that we MIGHT BE SAVED!!! He sacrificed His life KNOWING that there will still be us who doubt Him, who curse Him, who persecute Him, who will not believe in and accept Him. STILL SACRIFICED. No gift, no Jordans, no red bottoms, no nothing could ever compare to the GREATEST GIFT OF THEM ALL:: Jesus Christ.

So in the Sprit of Christmas, I challenge¬†you to not only keep the “CHRIST” in CHRISTmas, but to¬†give Christ a go. Repent of your sins, confess with your mouth and believe in¬†your heart that He is Lord and be saved.¬†Remember, that you are not alone. There are other “family of believers throughout the world undergoing the same kind of sufferings” (1 Pet 5:9). I’m always open for/to give¬†an encouraging word and prayer, in Jesus name.

Have Hope
Keep the Faith
and Give Love

-DanikaKayelle XOXO


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