Jesus is the Answer.

When you read the title, what was the first thing that popped into your head?? For me, when it came to me, I thought about a post on Facebook that went viral. I may not have it all the way right, but it was a picture of someone’s test and for each question, the person wrote “Jesus” for all the answers. Clever right? I know.

Well, I’m not sure if that is the way this post is going to go. Just now, this blog came to me in the midst of my complaining. Yep, you read right. I am a Christian who complains about some things. Cast your stone, I dare you!! Anywho! Backstory:: Jesus has been calling me out and challenging me on things that I personally think is not fair and I feel like EYE should NOT be the one who has to do it!!! Who am I right?! Chileeee.. So in my constant battle of highs and lows, I’m just complaining and running my excuses. Maybe you can relate to a few of these:

*It ain’t fair.
*Why me?
*I don’t want to do it.
*I ain’t Jesus.
*But I didn’t do anything.
*What’s the point?
*I’m done, I’m over it.
*Why I have to be the bigger person?
*Eye for an eye, right?

Okay, not so much that last point! But you get my drift. Every time I throw a temper tantrum/hissy fit, Jesus so sweetly reminds me of not only His life, but His death too. This is why Jesus is the answer. This is to help both you and I in our battle and our assignment(s). So here is what you need to do:

1) Get some paper
2) Write down what you are battling and/or what Jesus is calling you to do
3) Now write down all of your excuses and complaints regarding that task
4) Now write down all of the rebuttals from Jesus’ life and/or death

“Rebuttal”? Here is what I mean about Jesus being the answer. You know the bible says to “lean not to your own understanding”, “focus on things above”, “have a mind of Christ”, “His ways are not our ways”, and so on and so on. (Funny how I know all these verses, yet don’t actively use them in my everyday life. But that’s a blog for another day) Each and every time I had a complaint or an excuse, I received an answer and that answer was “Jesus”. When I say, “It ain’t fair”, Jesus says, “Was My death fair?” When I say, “Why me?”, Jesus says, “Why not you? I was chosen, and so are you.” When I say, “I don’t want to do it”, Jesus says, “Sooooo, you really thought I wanted to die?!” [FAVE] “I ain’t Jesus.” Him: “Who asked you to be? I am WITH you and what can you do with me? All things. Exactly.” “But I ain’t do anything.” Jesus: “Ummm, what was the reason I was crucified again? What did they have against/on Me??” “What’s the point?” Him: “What was the point of me dying? For not only your salvation and deliverance, but for others to be set free from sin and bondage. This is not about you my dear, this is about others after you.” “I’m done, I’m over it.” Him: “When I was done and over it, I gave up the Ghost and completed my assignment. Are you saying you’ve completed yours??? Thought not.” (Y’all, Jesus be getting with me, no lie!!) “Why I have to be the bigger person?” Him: “When you accepted me, you accepted that task. The term ‘Christian’ means to be ‘Christ-like’, was I not the bigger person in ALL areas and situations in my life?” “Eye for an eye, right?” Him: “You’re kidding right? I could have sworn I said to ‘turn the other cheek‘”. I’m sure you have some rebuttals of your own that came to mind as you were doing your assignment posted above to where you can see how Jesus IS the answer (please share) and jsyk, these are real convos I have with Jesus. I’m dramatic, so sometimes my Jesus is dramatic.

Now that we worked through the problems and got the answer we know that:: when you get to the point in your mind (cuz that is truly where the battle is) where you’re questioning, complaining, and making a whole bunch of excuses to just remember Jesus. When He was born, He pretty much took away aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll our excuses away!! Who asked Him to do that?! I knooooow!!! Well, **clear throat** we did! (Notice I didn’t point the finger and say Eve: “For ALL have sinned“) So there should no longer be a reason as to why we don’t forgive, why we don’t love unconditionally, why we don’t go when He say go and do what He say do WHEN He say “DO IT”; riiiiight??? It’s a hard pill to swallow, trust me, I KNOW; but guess what?! How do you think Jesus felt?! You don’t think knowing that you was going to be crucified at the age of 33 for no earthly reason at all was a small pill to swallow?? Naaaaah, I couldn’t imagine that task, but the crazy part is, that is exactly our task to do! Yep! Our task is not to die at a certain age, but our task is to “die to flesh” daily! To die to earthly things for spiritual matters.

So look, you got the answer. No need to cheat.



Shoot, I CAN DO IT!!!!

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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