I’m sorry 2015…

Posse waaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! **insert emojis here**

Okay, so let me go ahead and throw this disclaimer out there now. This NOT a “New Year’s Resolution” post! I repeat, this is NOT a “New Year’s Resolution” post! This is an apology post (did you read the title???). So pow, here we go!

There is a LOT of things I am sorry for in 2015. For starters, I am sorry for this dead blog site. There’s really no excuse other than the truth. I have been going through some stuff and I let that “stuff” shut me up! For that, 2o15, I am sorry.

**Btdubs, “2015” is not the year per se, “2015” is The Spirit I kept locked up instead of letting Him flow, “2015” are the people who needed to hear a word and didn’t because of me, “2015” are folks whom I didn’t leave a salty taste in their mouth when I was around due to my actions and words, “2015” is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing His death be in vain because of my disobedience, delayed obedience, and/or simply not walking not only in Him, but also WITH Him.**

2015 was not a bad year. It was challenging, convicting, humbling, exciting, rebellious, trying, tempting, fun, random, weird, interesting, amongst some other things; in other words, it was a rollercoaster! I mean, typical right?? Meh. I don’t really think so. I do believe that yes, life has its ups and downs and can be somewhat a rollercoaster at times, but I do also know a lot of the “nauseous symptoms” you get from riding a rollercoaster can be strictly from us hoping straight on the ride right after we ate 5 corn dogs, a bag of popcorn, a bite of a chicken on the stick, 2 pieces of a salted pretzel, and a sip of something cool to wet our throats. In other words, WE create some of the adjectives/adverbs in our lives to make the rollercoaster more significant than it needs to be. So to the year 2015, I’m sorry. You did a great job at getting me to want to give up and even failing and falling, but you’ve failed to keep me down and getting me to throw in the towel. I’m sorry, but what you meant for my harm, God intended for my good! (Gen 50:20)

It’s funny how its only what 12 hrs in the new day and new year and we all looking back over our lives from whence we came and it’s something that we should do throughout the year, but its something and somehow different when you look at it in a NEW year. It’s like, “Wow! I did all that!?”, “Dang! All THIS happened?! Cetuslapidis!” With that being said, lemme go into my next apology. 2015, I am sorry for the examples I have been setting. That “2015” is to the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit) and the people of 2015 I set bad examples for, those who needed a word and didn’t, etc. Why am I apologizing??? Cuz I have NOT set great examples quite a few times. I spazzed out on folks (going against James 1:19), I’ve been doing my own things instead of being led and instructed by the Lord (going against Psalm 37:23), I was hearing the Word, but not doing it (going against James 1:22), setting bad, or not even bad, but mixed examples to the youth (going against Titus 2:1-5), I was taking matters into my own hands, or at least thinking I was (going against Proverbs 3:5-6). So for all these things and more 2015, I am sorry!

This apology is something that should have been given and should not have even gone this far and deep, but it did. However, it’s better late than never right?! Plus, how many of you are STILL awaiting apologies?! My thoughts exactly. In all my mess, with all my mistakes, I can truly say I have learned a lot.

Small nugget:: you should LEARN from your mess and mistakes and DO BETTER! Not do the same mess and mistakes better, but do better to NOT be in the same mess and mistakes again!

Now back to my regular scheduled program:: In all my mess and with all my mistakes, I can truly say I have learned a lot! Chile, my mirror has been some dirty and in 2015, I had to do some cleaning! Heck, I’m just a day in 2016 and I am STILL cleaning some things and probably will still be cleaning in some of the days to come.! Therefore, my next apology is to my blog site, 2015, I am sorry. This is the outlet God has given me to share with the world that they are not alone in their mess and mistakes, trials and tribulations (1 Peter 5:9). That yes, even Christians have battles that are really hard, challenging, and demanding, struggles that are too real to take on and break away from, that yes, some days we don’t feel like putting on the whole armor of God, we only wanna put on partial armor, some days we want to be childish instead of putting those childish things away like we should because we became men an women, and that yes, even Christians sometimes entertain the devil a little longer than we know we should because although we know the word and God has better, the fruit on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is shinning some bright and our mouths are salivating, stomach is growling, and God is taking “longer than we like” with our meal to feed us, knowing that He is ALWAYS on time and that man shall not live on bread alone! (Matt 4:4) So to my blog site, and in essence, to myself and my followers, I am truly sorry! I’m not perfect and that’s still no excuse! However, when you KNOW better, you DO better and 2016 is all about the better!

To the God of 2015, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I am sorry! God, I have neglected You and used You as if you were my sugar daddy only coming to You when I was in need and thanked You mostly when You provided, Jesus, I have not exhibited Your light to the world and lifted Your name high so that men can be drawn to You and I have neglected Your sheep and not fed them, Holy Spirit, I have blatantly ignored You and went against Your instructions and directions countless times and suppressed You when it was Your time to rise up and show out and I never repented to any of You for it. For that, and more, I am sorry!

2015 has shown me great things, both good and bad, and although I am sorry for some, heck, let me go ahead and say MOST of my actions towards those things, I am also sorry that I’m not sorry I have learned from them. Had it not been for straight up conviction and counseling, I would not be at this place I’m in now and back blogging! It goes to show you Romans 8:28: “And we know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” The Bible is real y’all! Alive and breathing real!!! Had I not been acting out, disobedient, ignorant, or what have you, I wouldn’t have been called out and challenged to change and me blogging and apologizing is a step. As a matter of fact, its step one: confessing and repenting. I KNOW that I love God and I KNOW that I am called, so therefore I KNOW that 2015, not only worked for my good, but is working, and will still BE working for my good even in 2016! Ha! How you like them “apples” Satan!? I know you don’t, but WHO CARES!?!?!?!?! So for my last apology::

I am sorry that I’m back, and not only back but, BACK LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!!


Hello 2016…


… Anything “2015” you need to say “I’m sorry” to??? Please feel free to share and do so. We all have things we need to apologize for, whether they’re good or bad.


  1. Christal Casby says

    Not really cuz you kinda said it all. Dang bruh!!! Watch where you walking. My toes ain’t for stepping on hahahaha great blog!!! Keep going and don’t stop, the world needs you and I’m being blessed my it to,

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