I know I’ve been changed..

So yes, there is a song called “I know I’ve been changed”, but I’m not here to write it out nor am I here to sing it. However, I am here writing because I see it!! Each day in Christ is truly a new day. You may learn something new, see something  new, do something new, reflect on something new, or get a revelation on something new; but the bottom line is, there is “something new”.

Well, overall, like I said each day is a new day, I have been seeing myself feel more and more free. More happy and more peaceful. Not saying that everything in my life is going oh so well, because its not, but still I feel good about everything because I truly believe and feel that God is in control! But today, something happened, and I can’t get it out of my mind. As I was laying down, trying to kill time before Bible Study, it just kept popping in my head and it started to bother me and then it hit me that I HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!!!!!

This is the “something” that happened today. Now, it may not be or mean much to you, but this is my blog and my story to tell. SO! After class today, I went to the lake because I wanted to fly my kite (which I have yet learn to master, but ima get there!) and when I pulled up, I noticed the car next to me was running, however, I didn’t see anyone in the driver or passenger seat, so I just kept on going and sat down on a bench in attempt to get my kite in the air. As I was sitting there, I just so happened kept looking back at that truck; it was bothering me for some odd reason, and when I looked back, I then realized that there were people in the car. They were just so happened in the back of the truck getting it on.

Now, this is where I realized I have been changed.

Danika, back in the gap Danika, would have been like, “Ooh yeah! Let me go see and watch!” But THIS Danika, God’s child, was like, “Awe man, now why they gotta go and do that?! It is like super early in the day Jesus. Lord, I shol hope they are at least married. Lord, have mercy!” and I got in my car and drove away. I was really sad and it bothered me. I was trying to figure out why this thought was bothering me so much to where I realized that its not a bother that its doing, but a revelation that it has done! I am really excelling in my faith and walk with Christ and that is exciting! I am seeking Him more and more each day. Asking Him for answers, to guide, direct, and order my steps. I am thinking more before I speak. I am being nice to everyone I meet. I am learning to be more patient. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m not necessarily moving anywhere, I see that I really am. I am genuinely happy overall. I really do care about the well being and souls of others. I have put away selfish demeanors. Although it may slip sometimes or I may trip, but I am catching it more and more quickly these days. I understand that not everyone may get this or get me and my life and that’s okay, because it is not about them either! It is truly ALL ABOUT GOD!!!!

It is crazy the more and more I fall in love with God. I really do feel like I am more than a conqueror. I know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me and I know that greater is He that is within me. Today could have been a test and I could have fell and resorted back to old ways, my mind could have went astray, and my inbox could have went crazy, but it didn’t! My my!!!! I can truly say, I KNOW I HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!!!!!!! And that is ONLY by the grace of God and His keeping power! Hallelujah!!!

Just keep on Lord, I WILL continue holding on…

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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