You ever wondered why you do the things you do? Why you listen to certain songs when you’re in a certain mood? Why you always run to sweets to lift you up when you’re feeling down?? They say we go to desserts when we are stressed because they both are the same word just spelled frontwards and backwards. Well, that just may very well be true. But what was revealed to me last night was: The more you eat in the natural, you gain weight and you get fatter. After that, you are even more depressed because you’ve put on some weight and with the weight, it makes you tired, lazy, and sluggish; which then makes you even more depressed and stressed out so you go and eat some more. Whereas, the more you feed your spirit man, reading, fellowshipping, praying, you gain strength! You get stronger and with that you can combat the devil with the Words of the Lord and you gain control over your situation and you feel new, revived, full of energy and you wanna go out, and dance, and share all of God’s goodness and the things you have learned! Major difference!! So now I pose a question, To what are you feeding yourself? What are you eating??

I remember every time I was to drive for long hours, when my nerves got bad I HAD to put on Lil Wayne. From “Tha Carter” to “Tha Carter IV”, to “No Ceilings”, to “The Drought” (all), and whatever else in between. That is what kept me sane and able to maneuver my way through traffic and continue driving to my destination. Then, I remembered when I was feeling sad, down and out, over some guy mostly, I would listen to songs like Keyshia Cole, “I remember”, Monica “Before you walk out of my life”, Escape “Who can I run to”, etc. If I was feeling freaky or setting the mood or what have you, I had Trey Songz CDs in rotation, “Anticipation”, “Chapter V”, some Pretty Ricky songs in rotation, “Juicy”, “Honey”, Pretty Willie, “Sex in the Daytime”, “Touching it”, “4 Walls”, and some other jams in between. But what I’m getting at is the “go to”. What is your go to? Where is your go to? When you’re feeling down and out, do you go to a certain song that’s feeding into your situation which brings you even farther down? Do you feed into that anger by watching violent films, listening to violent songs? As a single, are you jamming to certain songs letting it plant visuals in your mind which now have you reminiscing on how they used to hit it??? You really have to think about these things, sit back and analyze, watch your actions and your reactions.

People steer away from Gospel music because they feel its not a daily thing. Well, let me say, I once felt that way. Just give me a few songs on a Sunday morning and let me get back to my Lil Wayne. I remember leaving church one Sunday BLASTING “Cash Money Millionaires”! I wasn’t no where near converted, heck, I don’t even think I was touched cuz that didn’t phase me. People was looking at me and I was all, “I got a b in the back and a oh in the front, one cooking the crack, one rolling the blunt..”, jamming HARD you hear! Smh.. But now I’m all Marvin Sapp, Israel and New Breed, Fred Hammond, Tasha Cobb, Tamela Mann. I’m not saying that I never listen to secular music anymore because I do, very seldom tho. I may put on some Monica, Mary J Blige, Aaliyah, Chrisette Michelle, Elle Varner, Bruno Mars, BUT the difference now is that they don’t have the same impact on me as they once did and if I feel my mind drifting, its on to the next or gospel. (It’s a mind thing and you’ve got to control it) I can’t imagine going a day without listening to some gospel. When I tell you, they have all kinds of messages, inspiration, and encouragement in them! God, His words, gospel! That should be your go to! If you’re hurt from a “lover”, why “Remember when your heart broke”, if your spouse is cheating on you why promote and sing, “He’s mine,  you may of had him once but I got him all the time”, if you’re trying to stay dry, why listen to songs like “Panty Wetter”, “Juicy”, if you’re trying to keep it locked up, why let him put the key in your ignition baby?? Now come on Danika, you doing too much!! Well, am I really?! I get it. When you’re going through, you don’t wanna hear stuff like, “I just can’t give up now”, “Your greater is coming”, “If He did it before, He can do it again”. No no…you wanna listen to stuff and people that’s speaking directly to your situation so you can sit there, sulk, and dwell on it even more, thinking that you will never get out of it. But is that what you really need??! No! You need an uplifting, not a down pressing. You need to “Encourage yourself, Speak over yourself”, you “Can’t give up now” because “Your greater is coming”. You need to know that “If He did it before, He can do it again”. WHY?! Because that means, you are not and were not the only one. If He healed, delivered, saved, comforted, consoled, helped, blessed, loved, gave, revived, restored, resurrected before, it means that He can and will do it again. Don’t remember when your heart broke, remember when it was put back together. Don’t become just another sad love story, be victorious! Don’t be no “Basketball Wife” or a “Real [FAKE] Housewife of …”, be a Godly wife. One that will be honored and blessed by all.

I really hope this convicts someone and makes you think because the devil wants us to think that it’s really not that serious. He wants us to dwell on our situation because the more our situation is getting us down, the more we’re not gonna seek God, but worldly things to comfort us and try to get us out and that’s the more time he has with us to lead us deeper into sin. The Bible tells us to meditate on His words day in and day out (Joshua 1:8). Now don’t be all super religious talking bout, “So you mean to tell me that I have to have the bible in my face 24/7?” NO! What I am telling you is that the Word should be IN you 24/7. That should be your automatic “go to”. You may not be able to call the exact book, chapter, and verse, but you can call its contents. You can say, “God has not given me the spirit of fear”, therefore I am not afraid. You can tell Satan to get back because “NO weapons formed against you shall prosper.” When the devil tries to throw your past and your mess ups in your face, you can say, “Old things has passed away and I am a new creature.” When temptation comes your way you can remember that temptation is not a sin, its when you “yield into temptation” when it becomes a sin. You can remember how God delivered Israel even though they turned against Him time and time again. When the devil tries to kill you, reflect on how Christ came and died for you so you can have life. Remember everything that was meant for your harm God will use for your good.

I would suggest when you have some time out of your busy life, to sit and read Psalm 119. It has 176 verses, but it is a good read and a good go to and I just discovered it writing this blog. And always remember the word “go” is in God. So now, what we eating?!

Bless and be blessed.

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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