This week was a marvelous week! From Sunday until now. If you were to ever just take the time out in your life and analyze all of your situations, if you were to just forget about what you are going through and what you are in need of, and just reflect, I can pretty much guarantee you that you will be amazed! This past Sunday, during the sermon, my Pastor said something that just sparked and made me analyze. He said: “God edited your life”. In other words, you have done some stuff, but God went in and either backspaced, added a conjunction and turned it around, or added a little there and took away a little here. So whatever your outcome should have been, God intervened on your behalf and edited it!!! Ha! Ain’t He good?! Not that any of us deserve Him. My pastor also mentioned something else. Being as I am not the one who like to travel down Past Road often, I had to take a little visit there to write this blog because of so. In order for me to help someone and inspire someone, this must be God ordained >first< and it must speak and relate to that person. Now my story is not your story and your story is not my story, however, the thing we have in common is that WE have a story!!! So let me go head on and inspire you!

God can and God will edit your life if you let Him!!! The things I have seen God do not only in my life but in the lives of other believers around me is just amazing and I know that nobody BUT Him could have done it for me because I tried other things and NONE of them worked UNTIL I tried God!!!

Without God edits in my life, this webpage would be non-existing because I would not have been delivered. The edits deliver you! Being born again is like a manuscript. God wrote out your life. He already knows the ins and outs. How you’re gonna live and how you are going to die, HOWEVER, God STILL has the pen! So even though He has already written it, He is still currently writing it! Ain’t God amazing?!

Look, bam. God wrote out my life. He wrote out my sexcapades, my drinking, my partying, my lying, my cussing, my depression, my suicidal thoughts, my insecurities, my strongholds, my soulties, all; He wrote them out. Now peep this. That was written already, therefore that was bound to happen just as it did, but this is where God is amazing. I came to Him, lost, broken, battered, angry, just a hot steamy mess and guess what God did??!?!? He got to editing. God said, “You know what Danika, yeah, you had sex, but Ima edit that and make you pure, you used to enjoy going out to the clubs, but Ima go on ahead and edit and put “church” in the place of “club”, you used to enjoy lying for no reason, but now Ima edit that and give you the Spirit of truth, you used to enjoy drinking, but Ima edit that and say you enjoy being drunk in the Spirit, you wanted to end your life, but Ima edit that and give you new life, you was depressed and insecure, but Ima edit that and give you joy and confidence, you was caught up on the wrong things and the wrong people, but I’m just going to edit and take that away and give you Me and people and a man after my own heart.” Deliverance is real. Salvation is real. THIS is real! The edit is real!

You can try over and over again to do it your way. I was probably like the queen of repressed memory! I would do something and the next minute be like, “Who? I did that?! No, not me. You got the wrong one.” Be lying and really forget it ever happened! Smh. BUT GOD!!!!! Just how He edited my life, HE CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU!!!!! Give your life to God. GIVE. I like how one pastor put it. He said, “When you give your life to God, that’s exactly what you have to do: GIVE—YOUR LIFE…..to God.” Not parts of it, not just the parts that hurts, not just the parts that you stand in need of, not just the selfish parts, but ALL! The good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty.

Does the edit happens over night?? I believe it happens immediately, however, the manifestation may not be seen right away, but let me say this:: DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED MY FRIEND. Even AFTER I got saved and AFTER the edit took place, I STILL struggled with some things that was a part of the edit, BUT what God says is what’s going to happen. So even though I was struggling did not mean that God edits were wrong. {{God is not a man that He should lie. Numbers 23:19}}

You may be sitting there reading this, broken, lost, battered, beat down, heavy burdened, drunk, high, depressed, shacking up, fornicating, stripping, pimping, prostituting, fakely enjoying your life thinking “this must be it”. Let me tell you, I did not think I would amount to anything. I thought that I would always have to settle for second best and always be the lil side piece, BUT GOD EDITED MY LIFE!!!!!! And after each encounter with the Lord, I am more and more inspired to help others who are at the very same place I was in. Only God can turn a “hoe into a housewife” not man; however, deliverance, edits, must take place. Otherwise, you will be rewriting the same lines over and over again.

So how about it?? If you want your life to be edited, you want your life to turn around. You’re ready to be victorious, to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, to be more than a conqueror. You’re ready to proclaim that NO weapons formed against you shall prosper, right now, after reading this post, go to God and say, “Lord, have your way, take the pen and edit away” and I DARE you to mean it. No, I double dog, triple and quadruple dare you to mean it and watch how the Lord move in your life. Watch how all your edits begin to manifest. I’m already excited for you! Just one thing I ask of you, while you are busy enjoying your new life (cuz you will get a bit caught up in the excitement, but God will bring you back and remind you if needed…stay humbled my friend, stay humble), don’t forget to share with others because like the other thing my pastor said, “sometimes you have to let people know so they can see”. How can someone else know that their life too can be edited if you don’t let them know and give them examples and proof.?!

God is not some secret that you wanna keep to yourself, God is SO amazing that you are going to WANT to share Him with everyone else!!!

Hallelujah! Be blessed and let the edits begin Lord!

-DanikaKayelle XOXO



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