Fake or FAITH

Hello world!

Are you ready for today’s “Random Rambling”?! Well, you must be if you are here reading. I don’t believe this is going to be a “ramble” per se, but we shall see.

Have you ever thought that you be lying to yourself sometimes?? Today I had that thought. I mean, yeah, sure we do lie to ourselves sometimes. You know like, “I’m just going to eat one more fry”, oooooor, “a little hit of coke won’t hurt”.. Okay, may not so much the latter, but hey! You never know! There are a lot of things that we tell ourselves that are just not truthful. Well, my “questioning” moment came when I was having a conversation with God. I was thinking about we are told to speak what we want to see. Things like if you are weak say you are strong, if you are sick, say you’re healed, if you are broke/poor, say you’re rich and I was like, but it’s just not true! But then God spoke to me and said, “Faith without works is dead.” I didn’t really know what He was trying to tell me until I started to think about some stuff and I was like, “Okay, I get it!”

I have been telling myself “FAITH it till you make it” and today I wondered: “Is this FAITH or is this FAKE!?” Well, God took me on a little journey in our conversation and now you are coming along for the ride. Buckle up.

So! Sometimes I find myself telling myself stuff when internally I don’t really be feeling that way I’m telling myself I feel; and then I tell myself, “You gotta speak with you wanna see”.. But I would just stop right there and that’s not the end of it. You see, when Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it withered up, when the disciples saw it and questioned Jesus about it and He told them a little story…which you are going to read for yourself…here you go: Mark 11:12-25. #Yourewelcome

As you can see, 1st thing He says is to “Have faith in God”. Then! You DEMAND that “thing” to do as you please, and lastly, “do not doubt in your heart” and it shall be done unto you. So now I’m sitting here like, “Okay God, I did one, two, and three; now what’s up!?” And now that I am writing this, I am remembering a piece I ministered about faith at a Faith Fest last year, interesting…..hmmmm… Back on topic! After I pleaded my case and asked Him what was up, He came back and said “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:17).

**Now disclaimer: This could be pertaining to your marriage/relationships, your job, school, church, social circles, lifestyle, WHATEVER! The Word is universal, so where ever this fits, apply it** Now back to the journey.

I bit the bait. “Okay God, faith without works is dead. I know this, I read the verse plenty of times.” (Getting smart with God is not smart!) Weeeeell, lemme just say you can believe all you want in your heart that something is going to get better and then do nothing about it, but believe, you might find yourself in a situation longer than you want to. What do I mean?

“Let the sick say ‘I am healed'”. YES! By all means, claim it! Receive that thing! But peep game. Can I say that and not take care of my body? NO… I can speak healing into my life and believe that God will deliver me from my sickness, but if I am diabetic and I eat every piece of cake, pie, and candy I see, I am not doing my part and therefore my faith will be dead and Ima be speaking to that mountain with probably no toes, legs, and eyes!

“Let the poor/broke say ‘I am rich,”. Ha! I like this one! Let me add this too, “I am debt free!” Sooooo, if I keep spending money, charging up my credit card, living ABOVE my means, trying to get and fulfill my wants when God has already provided EVERY SINGLE THING that I NEED and I keep neglecting Sallie and ignoring her cousin Navient every time they call, I’m going to be rich?! NOT! You will never be rich and/or debt free sweatpea! You will forever be in bondage to debt booboo! But now, I KNOW my Lord told me “I am the Lender and NOT the borrower” and I keep telling Sallie AND Navient that (in real life) and they think I’m crazy, but truth of the matter is, if I’m not paying my bills and/or not taking care of my finances then my faith is dead and truth is, you shouldn’t even believe that God is going to bail you out/bless you with a huge financial breakthrough because you have shown yourself irresponsible and “He who has been faithful over a few things, God will make you ruler over many things” (Matt 25:23). Moving right along.. Next stop!

Marriages/Relationships: Man! You can speak life into a dead relationship all you want, but if you’re not putting in the work, it will forever be dead. I can’t tell an unresponsive person to breath and walk away without performing CPR on them first. I mean, yeah, Jesus did tell that fig tree off and walked away and that thing sure did pass away, but guess what y’all, we are not Jesus and believe it or not, He put in the works for that to come to pass! I like how this is going…. The very next thing you see Jesus doing is work. He goes and cleanses the temple from people who were selling in it. This “work” may not have been directly related to the fig tree, but its relates. Trust me. When Jesus left that fig tree, He was no longer concerned about it. He went on and did what He was supposed to do. In a marriage, there will be times when you have to speak for things to change, die, and/or come to life. When this happen, we must follow our Example. Have faith in God (which Jesus had every second of His life), demand that thing, believe, walk away, and WORK! What we like to do is, talk to it time and time again and bring it up to God and question what’s going on and why it’s still around. Well uh, DUH!! It’s still around cuz you’re still keeping it around silly! Gosh! After Jesus talked to that tree, He didn’t go around wondering if it was still there or giving it any form of attention. We gotta learn how to let go y’all and move on. Next, He put in the work! “You mean to tell me, I gotta work even after I talk to the “tree”?” Why yes, yes you do. You can’t speak for your marriage/relationships, job, life, health, whatever to get better and you’re running round here doing everything destructive.

You see, that’s our problems. We want to tell God what to do and we do nothing. Not cool! I can’t ask for a better marriage and I am neglecting my husband, walking round here with an attitude, not taking care of my duties at home, spending time with everybody BUT him, bickering, arguing, etc.. I can’t ask for a promotion on my job and I’m coming to work late, not finishing my assignments, etc. I can’t ask for a raise/financial breakthrough and I spend my whole check in one day on clothes, shoes, purses, etc. and I already have stuff in my closet with tags on them and not to mention not paying my bills OR MY TITHES!! FOOLISH PEOPLE WE ARE I TELL YOU! But God is so merciful, He sends us His Word to make us better! He’s so amazing!! God always reminds me: “When you know better, you do better”. He asks: How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge” (Proverbs 1:22) and I’m asking the same. Are you gonna continue to fake it till you make it or are you going to start FAITHing it till you make it? I pray you do the latter. Well….

The journey is over, it’s up to you now to determine where the rest of the ride will go….

-DanikaKayelle XOXO

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