until i do-real

…unitl “I DO”…

Soooooo, be careful what you pray for. I prayed for the Lord to use me and for me to be obedient WITHOUT hesitation in the 2015, and here I am blogging at 2 something in the morning!!! Good stuff!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! Anywho!! Happy New Year!!!! **Blows party horn** So yeah, they say, "Every kiss ...
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Merry Christmas!!!!!

In the spirit of Christmas, its only right my gift to you be a message of Christ! :) In our last Heart to Heart, the theme was "Stirring up the Gifts". Gifts...not your talents, but your gifts. My very first blog [] was on gifts. How they can be so many different ...
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Yowzers!!! Yes, ripping off of the Band-Aid can be painful and hurt, but what if I told you that you have to HURT in order to HEAL?! Yep! That's right. You wont need healing if there is no hurt. Duh!! God has been moving and speaking and after tonight's bible study, ...
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clouds vision

Cloudy Vision…?

So today as I was driving, I realized I couldn't see through my glasses. They were all cloudy and dusty and things, so I took my cloth out and cleaned them, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "That's what you need to do with your spiritual lens" ...
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We together or nah????

Hello there!!!!! :) You know, each encounter I have with God, I begin to side-eye a lot of people who say they know God. Now, I'm not here to judge, that's not my job, but each encounter with God, I feel better than I have before. I feel renewed and rejuvenated! ...
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