…I can’t help but to give You glory when I think about my story..!
My God!! God is so good.. I am so happy and blessed to be alive. Yesterday was my 26th birthday and when I look back on my life, I know I shouldn’t be here today. God has been SO good and faithful to me since the beginning of time. But from 24 to now..I’m just wowed! The growth from 24 to now..despite my struggles and hard times, is so amazing. I didn’t expect a flood of emotions to take over me..I mean, it’s tears of joy..but my heart! My heart is SO over joyed that I just don’t know how to take it. I don’t know how to explain it. I really didn’t know how I would feel on this day..I been down..but now I can’t help but to look up! So many people are dying at a young age. Haven’t even experienced life yet. And here I am, still here, 26 who was once taking life for granted. My God. Favor ain’t fair, but it’s right. The relationships I’ve gained..the ones I lost. The smiles, the laughs..the tears, the pain. Coming into this year, 2014, I already knew God was making big moves…but this dropping I got in my spirit for 26 man! I’m excited!!! This IS my season… Things that I’ve done when I was 25 is all dung. This is a new year..new memories..new people..and a new season. I’m learning how to embrace it all. Excited to see what all and who all God has in store. He is amazing. Just simply amazing. He doesn’t try to be nor does He has to be…but He is. And I’m glad I am a child of His..! #Blessingsrunningover #Sograteful #26


You KNEW me before I was even formed 26 years ago!!! You KNEW I would be the woman I am today.. This beautiful masterpiece that You are taking your time creating. You KNEW that I would know you, leave you, know you, leave you, know you, leave you, and then finally come back to you. You KNEW that I would lose myself in the world, but you also KNEW that I would come and find myself in You!! My God!! You have plans for me and they are coming to pass. You are prospering me and not harming me. You’re not only giving me a future filled with hope..but a present as well!!! I’m so thankful to not only see another day, but another year in life. You still see fit in me!! In ME!!! You have not given up on me! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! Father God, my only wish is to see many more birthdays to see all the things that You have in store come to pass!

Yesterday will probably one of the many awesome birthdays I have had and will soon have! Last year birthday was good, but kind of a drag because I was focused on my grandfather passing but this year, even though I miss hearing his broken down rendition of “Happy Birthday”, was truly amazing! I’ve done nothing “spectacular”, yet, everything I’ve done was a blessing! If the rest of my birthdays a great one like this..I will be one happy individual.

What I do enjoy about birthdays is realizing that you have reached another year and another plateau so you look back and reflect. You get to see how far you’ve came, how you changed, grown, and all that jazz. I mean, you grow from being tiny little sperm squirming around in your dad’s testees to a whole human being!!! Tell me that ain’t growth! I used to hear that birthdays get more and more depressing as the years pass, but as I’m living, I feel like they get more and more exciting!! I mean, yeah, if you’re living in the world, I can imagine it becoming boring because you’re probably going to be doing the same thing every year: clubbing, but in Christ! You learn that it’s merely about the simple things and being surrounded by family and friends. Those who truly love you and care for you. So many birthday wishes brought tears to my eyes. I saw how my “Happy Birthday” messages changed as the years went by. I’ve seen that I am appreciated, that I am a light in a dark world, that people are actually rooting for me and see things in me. Back in the gap they were more  like, “Happy Birthday B*, what club we hitting up, how many shots we taking?! Where we getting f’d up at!?” I mean at 23, I had people downing drinks in 23 seconds! We had a fun night from what I hear, because I barely remember it. Ha! But simple things like a birthday wish change is what makes birthdays special! You should be doing something each day to impact lives of other people so that when that year pass and another comes, you can truly be appreciated on your birthday. There is NOTHING like love. We don’t love enough and we don’t appreciate other people and the relationships we have in our lives enough. Then when they die, we have all these regrets of what we shoulda did.. DO IT!! When I went to see Marvin Sapp preach Monday night, he said something that hit me so hard! He said that “every relationship outside of your relationship with God is seasonal.” I nearly broke down! I mean, what!? You mean to tell me that the people I love so much will eventually not be here anymore!? And truth be told, they wont! Its called DEATH! Life and death! People I once was talking to on a daily basis, I barely talk to them or don’t talk to them now at all. That is why it is SO important to make the best of your seasons and the best of your relationships. Get what you can and what you’re supposed to get from them and give what you can and you’re supposed to give to them. Stop depriving others and stop depriving yourself. Some seasons are long and some seasons are short!

This year, I wish to make an even more BIGGER impact in the lives of others, whether they are super close to me or the farthest away. I want to be a light showing God off in a mighty way! I want for people to look at me and say, “Man, that woman has flaws, but she truly do love her God!” I just wanna grow older and deeper in the Spirit. God has plans to prosper me and He has a future for me filled with HOPE! Hope is an amazing thing to have. If you don’t have hope, you might as well not have faith! You have heard me say it before and I will say it again:: this is only the beginning. It may seem I have been “in the beginning” for a while, but like the analogy Pastor gave last night at Bible Study (yep, I shol went to praise God and give Him glory in His house on my birthday, He’s the reason I’m here!), [paraphrased] you don’t see the grass growing but when you walk outside you know that it have grown! That’s just how I am. Each day, each second, something with and within me is growing and one day, you’re gonna walk outside, into the bookstore, library, churches, turn on your TVs and radios, surf the web, and be on your social media and be like, “Look at God! Look what He did! Her grass has grown!”

So again, in closing, I thank you, God, for blessing me to see another year! I look forward to all that 26 have to offer. It may have only been “one day”, but I already see the transformation. Hallelujah! And to all of my family and friends and loved ones. I thank you all for all the kind words, messages, and phone calls. I truly appreciated each and everyone of them because you really didn’t have to! If I haven’t said it before, I’m saying it now and if I  have, I’m saying it again because you can never  hear it too much! I love you and I appreciate all you are to me!!!! Praying God’s blessings upon each and everyone of you who have read this blog. Remember:: This is only the beginning. This is my season and it may very well be yours too!! Embrace it.


DanikaKayelle XOXO

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